Andrew: It has already been over a month since Becca’s Bat Mitzvah, and what an incredible day it was.? You were amazing, and really made the whole day get to another level of fun and making memories. We had such a great time and love how the woman that was there really got everyone to dance. I know everyone had a great time, and our feedback from so many that it was such a great day from the service, food and the entertainment.? I know Becca said she had the best day of her life and felt very special with the way you conducted the party around her, her family and friends.? You are a true professional in what you do, and will highly recommend you to anyone seeking a true experience of a party.? I am hoping to be able to use you in some capacity at one of my sporting events/fundraiser for my company in the future.

  • ?Laurie B. Chatsworth Ca.