I can’t say enough about how well MC David and DJ Peter performed during our wedding. They made the entire night run so seamlessly and I hope they had as much fun as we did. Andrew has employed great emcees and music professionals across the board — but the bar is set with MC David.

We had an exterior set-up that had to move to the inside, with a floor lighting set-up (worth the extra because it makes the dance floor even more inviting). It carried over without a missed step. David had jokes to keep things lively throughout the night and never hit a slow spot. And he worked so well with the other vendors: namely our day-of coordinator, photographer, and the venue reps. All spoke so highly of them after the evening ended. Peter set up the jams and made the blends sound effortless, reading the room to see what moods to set and then amp the energy. Then David slayed with his mic duties and spearheading us at the appropriate times: a smooth segue from the cocktail hour to the first dance to toasts to cutting the cake. I’m not one who dances a lot, but I practically lived on the floor.

We were so relieved to hear how much fun our guests had, but the most frequent compliment we heard was the greatness of our host and our music. A large part of that goes to MC David and Peter, with the assist from head man Andrew running a well-oiled machine at GITG.

Thank you so much! 10/10 would divorce and marry again if it meant we got them for the sequel.

?- Andrew P. Los Angeles, CA.?