I’ve been on the PTO Board at a Woodland Hills elementary school for the past 8 years and have used GITG Entertainment for all our DJ needs for all 8 years.  Can’t say enough good things about them.  The owner is professional, and clearly loves what he does.  His DJs are all terrific (our personal fave is DJ Peter!) and truly make our events what they are.  I should have written this review years ago.  Writing it now because just when I thought I couldn’t love these guys more… I was proven wrong.  Our school’s beloved annual Father Daughter Dance was cancelled when the school closed due to COVID-19.  So many disappointments with the school closure, but this one was at the top of the list especially for our 5th graders (their last dance!).  We contacted GITG and they proposed a virtual dance on Zoom.  We let families know the show would go on… virtually!  They were so happy to salvage the event (even if from home) and the DJ made it so much fun.  Tons of energy, calling on families who were participating by name which made it so much more personal, taking requests via the zoom chat feature, and leading games and dances.  It was an hour long event and we LOVED it!  So much so that we’re booking two more dances for the end of the year:  one for all families to celebrate the end of the year, and another for our Class of 2020 5th graders.  Book your next DJ with GITG!  You won’t be disappointed!

Claire B. | Woodland Hills, CA