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Corporate events

Connect and Create Memories

What better way to boost morale and say thank you for a job well done than throwing an amazing party?

Want to do a little team building by teaching all of your employees the newest dance craze? Cheer them on as they karaoke the night away or go head-to-head in a virtual video-game battle. Perhaps they just want relax with some soft background music or go crazy on the dance floor.

Whatever the case, we have the right entertainment option for you!

Get in the Groove - Corporate Events - Girls with masks
Get in the Groove - Corporate Events - Gathering
Get in the Groove - Corporate Events - Holiday Party

In partnership with LA’s best

Let’s start planning!

From ceremony music to cocktail hour and right through the reception, we handle it all!

Our planning professionals will meet with you to discuss every detail of your wedding day. We’ll create a timeline to make sure that your party has the perfect flow! We’ll also coordinate with, your other vendors so you can relax and get the most out of your special day.

With most of your vendors and entertainers under one roof, you will be confidant that everything is handled.


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