Now that 2017 has come to a close, it?s a time for reflection ? I?m about to get reminiscent ? about some of my favorite vendors that is.

Here?s a list of some of the folks that have either contributed, in some way or another, to either the construction of our awesome new website, referred us throughout the year, or are just really cool peeps to work with. I?ll probably create a vendor referral page at some point, but for now ? here ya? go!

Grettel Cortes Photography:
Shani Barrel:
Wachman-Staley Photography:

Cielo Catering:

Braemar Country Club:

OK, ok, I know! The list is not very long (for now). I realized as I was typing this just how many vendors I should recognize.? I need to allocate a sufficient amount of time to this post. If you’re looking around for good vendors, start with these and I’ll post part 2 in a bit.