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The Open Air PhotoStation is hands down the best photo booth in the industry!

Capture all the fun and craziness in a snap! We offer virtually limitless options. You can give your booth a more intimate feel with a smaller space, or you can expand to fit as many as 10 people in a single shot. Pick your backdrop, stand or sit. Draw the curtain for a more private experience or pull it back and let everyone watch and get inspired from your ideas!

The standard Open Air Photo Station package includes:

* Unlimited 26 or 46 prints
* Friendly attendant
* Props
* Event detailed graphics
* Online gallery (optional password protection)
* Advanced Imaging
* Professional Printing
* 8×10 backdrop

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You Ought to be in Moving Pictures!

If you want to relive the memories over and over, step right in! We bring a portable movie studio to your party. It’s lights, camera, action as you tell a story, get creative, act crazy — whatever you want. We’ll capture it in six seconds and then convert it into a neat keepsake everyone will flip for again and again!


It?s not a Dance Floor, it?s a Dance Club

Bring your dance floor to life with this perfect addition that adds color, defines your dance space, creates the right mood and gives your guests permission to shake their groove thang. Light up the dance floor and DJ booth, project any of 15 images that change shape and color, include stage lighting or a custom monogram for that truly professional vibe. Everyone will think they’ve stepped past the velvet rope and into the VIP section.


Choose from either the Classic or Deluxe packages and get ready to move to the music.

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Dramatically Enhance Warmth and Elegance

Set the right mood as you wash the room in a vibrant glow with fixtures strategically placed around the room. Choose the color you want, or we can program it to change throughout the night. Save money by avoiding the high costs of flowers, balloons or other pricey decorations.


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Turn the Night into Color and Light

Make any mundane event a Glow Party! We provide the giveaways so you don’t have to shop in advance. Outfit your guests with hats, glasses, glow sticks, LED fingers if it glows, we’ve got it. Then walk onto the dance floor, turn off the lights, fire up the energy and see the party come alive in a brilliant neon glow. You’ll never look at black light the same way again.



Raise your party and take your guests to the next level as they dance the night away. Make them feel like they’re featured dancers in the hottest club as they move and groove on dynamic platforms that light up and change color. Create different looks: a runway that extends into the crowd, or strategically place several around the room and give everyone a new, elevated perspective.

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You Provide the Party, We?ll Provide the Wow

Even the shiest wallflower will be part of the festivities when our too-live dance crew gets involved. Whether it’s leading a follow-along dance, getting acrobatic or firing up the crowd, our performers make sure there?s never a dull moment. If requested, we can take it up a notch with choreographed break-dancing routines that’ll really get things going. Plus, we help with logistics by getting everybody to the floor at the right times so you can relax and party, too.


A Unique Way to Present Your Story

It’s more than just a montage presentation. It’s a guarantee that the show will go on with superb picture and sound. There will be no delays, inconveniences or poor quality because we already will have tested your montage on our equipment. It will work!


But there’s so much more. We offer a large rear-projection screen that stays on as long as you’d like and plays not only your montage but also a real-time slide show of the party’s happenings. Personalize your party with cool graphics, photos and video snippets no one’s seen in ages and let the memories (and emotions) come flowing back.

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Get Your Game On!

Keep guests busy during the less-active times. We offer some of the most popular sports, arcade-style or music/dance games. Knock it out of the park with Home Run Derby. Channel your inner rock star with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Get into the groove with Just Dance. It’s like bringing a game truck into the foyer.

Virtual Dance Party